Saw Cutting, Solving Issues

Can steel material cut-to-size be delivered super-fast?

If your steel supplier offers cutting services, find out if they have a variety of saws to be able to properly fill your orders. Many customers come to us because we have several different saws, so we can take on orders that need to be filled quickly. As an added value, many clients love that fact that we can partial-ship orders as we cut, so they have a continuous supply. Our commitment to customers is our service, and if we can help keep your projects moving forward as we cut, we will!

If a job requires cutting your steel material, it must be accurate.

It would be best to be confident that your steel supplier is cutting accurately and within the tolerance requested. Many of our customers have aged equipment, so they cannot rely on the accuracy of their saws. Or if they are on a job site and must use a torch, Steel Cities often provides cutting services for them. We offer specialties in cutting with accuracy, and customers can avoid having to scrap materials if they cut it themselves and make an error, which can be costly.

Packaging for your cut-to-size orders is important.

Setting the expectation with your steel supplier to cut your material accurately and within tolerance is critical. Steel Cities has the expertise and saws required to accept most customer requirements. We also package orders to ensure they arrive at their destination safely and undamaged, which will be most helpful to our customers, even if it takes extra time to assemble shipping boxes and load on pallets. Many of the boxes we create have partitions to separate parts and keep them organized which is very important for many customers and saves them time.

Contact Steel Cities Steels

If you are struggling to get your steel cut-to-size internally or with your current supplier, we might be able to help! We’d be glad to discuss your saw cutting issues and challenges and see if there might be good fit in some area. Please contact one of our sales reps if want to talk a little further!

Mike Anderson, VP of Sales,, telephone: 219-916-3935

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