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Steel Cities Steels for Your Equipment Repair Needs

Mon Sep 25 2023

Meet Dylan Schwader, Sales Representative with Steel Cities Steels

Dylan primarily focuses on servicing those in the equipment repair market, but also covers fabrication and equipment manufacturing. Typically, he works with those in service, parts, fleet maintenance, welding, and those responsible for purchasing steel materials.

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Types of Stock Programs

Tue Sep 05 2023

What are stock programs?

Do you need help managing your inventory? Many clients share that they struggle with inventory issues during an onsite visit or conversation. There are different ways to help alleviate these common problems with stock programs. In this article, you will learn about a few programs that your supplier should be able to help you with to avoid inventory issues.

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Reasons for a Stock Program

Thu Aug 17 2023

What happens when you lack the stock you need for your projects?

There can be several reasons for shortages, but most commonly, the grounds are due to supply-chain issues or the lack of actively checking inventory on the racks. Frequent frustration can arise when you realize you need more stock for your projects, which can negatively impact production.

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Popular Steel Products Cut to Size

Mon Jul 24 2023

Steel Cities will cut to size

Steel Cities offers a variety of saw-cutting services. Often, we provide saw-cutting services to help customers stay on track with their projects due to labor issues, customers are out in the field and can not cut material properly, or they need us to supply the product in intervals as the project unfolds. To learn more about the popular steel products we cut, read the blog and watch the short video!

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Saw Cutting, Solving Issues

Fri Jul 07 2023

Why would you need your steel order cut to size?

There are many reasons why customers need their steel order cut to size. Some of the top challenges we hear from customers are that they don’t have the capability on-site, are short-handed due to the labor shortage, and are overwhelmed by their backlog.

In all three of these situations, a good steel supplier should be able to assist you with your cutting needs to keep your projects on track and pick up the slack when you are short-handed.

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Resource Guide for Selecting Hot Rolled A36 Steel Channel

Sat Jun 24 2023

What is Hot Rolled A36 Steel Channel?

Steel channel is a hot rolled product mainly used in structural applications, construction, general fabrication, industrial maintenance, equipment repairs and manufacturing. It comes in a wide variety and range of sizes and thicknesses. The shape of this product offers a great amount of structural strength, rigidity, reinforcement, and support. Channels are one of the most commonly used types of structural steel because of its light weight and strength.

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Lori Harvey voted Outstanding Vendor Representative by ASA Chicago

Wed May 24 2023

Lori Harvey, Outside Sales Representative, on being voted as Outstanding Vendor Representative by ASA Chicago! She will be awarded at the Our Stars are Shining banquet on May 18th!

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What does a discovery meeting look like with Steel Cities Steels?

Wed May 24 2023

Mike Anderson, VP of Sales, describes in this short video the process the sales team at Steel Cities Steels takes during the discovery meeting with a potential new client.

If you are looking for a new steel supplier, you can also use this guideline. Finding the right supplier is essential to your business and projects. They should be asking the right questions to make sure they understand your needs and pain points.

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A Contractor's Guide to Selecting a Structural Steel Supplier

Mon Apr 03 2023

Finding the right structural steel supplier will require you to ask some questions. For example, what are the main types of construction projects they focus on, and what is their area of expertise? Answering these questions will help you find a supplier that's the right fit for you.

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How to Find the Perfect Steel Supplier for Your Needs

Fri Mar 24 2023

Finding the right construction steel supplier is essential, as an engineer, buyer, or project manager.

We all know the importance of keeping projects on time and moving toward the finished product. But with supply chain issues, this can be a monumental task when suppliers need to deliver on a specific product that is limited in availability.

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Steel Cities Steels works with Purdue University MEP

Sat Mar 11 2023

Purdue University MEP and Mike Anderson, VP of Sales, have collaborated through a program designated to assist manufacturers in Indiana.

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The Quick Resource Guide for Selecting Steel Plates

Sat Mar 11 2023

You will learn more about the standard types, sizes, and grades in this quick guide to steel plates, and the importance of selecting a quality supplier.

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