Steel Cities Steels for Your Maintenance Projects

Common Issues in the Maintenance Market

Common concerns she hears in the field are safety issues in the plant, poor service by a current vendor, late deliveries, and lack of communication. The most common problem recently is the need for more employees to do the job. As a result, projects may get delayed, and managers must work harder due to the lack of staff.

Steel Cities can help reduce the labor shortage effects by providing services that you may do in-house. As a result, you have peace of mind that the project will be on track, and your managers can focus on what they need to do.

The importance of a reliable and trustworthy vendor

After working in this industry for a couple of years, Ally knows the benefit of having a reliable and trustworthy vendor for customers. Someone they can rely on and will provide help when they are in a bind. Steel Cities will give partial shipments if a customer needs to start a project before the complete shipment is available. Ally and Steel Cities are focused on personalized service to make your job easier!

Commonly Used Materials by the Maintenance Market

Working with various markets, Ally has seen different products ordered. They range from angles, channels, beams, plates, rounds, tubing, pipe, grating, and more. Added services also utilized are plasma and oxy-fuel and saw cutting to size. Steel Cities Steels can provide products and services to meet the needs of those in the maintenance market.

Contact Ally Bachmann for all your maintenance needs.

If you’re struggling with issues or looking for a reliable representative, please get in touch with Ally! She will be happy to come out for a visit and discuss solutions to meet your maintenance needs.

Ally Bachmann, Outside Sales Representative


Tele: 219-916-3932

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