Quick Guide in Measuring and Ordering Steel Grating

What can steel grating be used for?

Steel grating can be used for mezzanines, walkways, catwalks, stairs, and trenches.

What are the different types of grating?

There are four main types of grating that are the most popular. These do not include heavy duty grating types. The four main types are 19W4, 19W2, 15W4, 15W2.

Is grating available in different finishes?

The different types of finishes you can get grating in are plain carbon (mill finish), painted black, galvanized, stainless, aluminum and fiberglass.

How to Measure Grating

In an instructional video, Mike Anderson with Steel Cities Steels will provide a step-by-step method for measuring grating. Please refer to How to Measure and Order Steel Grating, Part 2, to watch the video.

How to measure grating:

  1. Measure the bearing bar depth.
  2. Measure the bearing bar thickness.
  3. Determine the type of grating by measuring the bearing bar spacing and cross rod spacing. Both are measured center to center.
  4. If cut to size, is banding required?
  5. Determine the finish-plain, painted black, galvanized, stainless, aluminum or fiberglass.
  6. Span-determine the direction of the bearing bars. The bearing bars go across the width of a trench or across structures for support.
  7. Is a full panel required? Full panels are typically available in 2’x20, 2’x24’, 3’x20’, 3’x24.’
  8. If not a full panel, the cut to size dimensions or fabricated sketch

Common Questions and Answers on Steel Grating

At Steel Cities Steels, our team of sales professionals are available to answer all your questions on how to measure and order steel grating. In How to Measure and Order Steel Grating, Part Three, you can watch a video to answer some of these questions. But here are some of the more common questions and answers to help you.

When placing an order, additional information may be needed:

  • Is the surface of the grating smooth or serrated?
  • Do you need saddle anchor clips to tack the grating down?

When is grating needed/replaced?

  • When current material is rusted, corroded, or bowed
  • New construction
  • Outages, safety inspections or plant upgrades

How is grating sold?

  • Full panels
  • Cut to size
  • Or Fabricated

Steel Cities Steels can help measure and order steel grating for you.

  • We will happily offer guidance to quote or place an order.
  • We offer onsite measurement.
  • We offer onsite identification of material.
  • We can offer help by phone or email to answer your questions.
  • We can provide worksheets with product information.

Give us a call if you need help measuring or identifying grating. We can help you with your project to make it stress free!

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