Reasons for a Stock Program

How can stock programs be beneficial?

  • Stock programs can be critical to the continuity of production and projects.
  • Stock programs can help manage stock for scheduled outages and turnarounds.
  • Stock programs can help manage and organize inventory in your rack when you cannot.
  • Stock programs can help manage inventory in your racks when multiple users and departments access the stock without a management system.

What is the purpose of a stock program?

The purpose of a stock program is simple: to have stock readily available when you need it. When working on a project, you want the materials you need to keep production moving forward. Frustrations can arise on the job for many reasons; a stock program will help alleviate headaches from not having what you need when needed.

Steel Cities offers different types of stock programs.

Steel Cities can work with you to determine if a stock program is right for you, your company, and your projects. We will discuss your projects and review your stock and inventory needs. We have different types of stock programs available. Contact us to schedule a visit!

Mike Anderson, VP of Sales, Website: Over 70 Years of Steel Excellence

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