What does a discovery meeting look like with Steel Cities Steels?

What can a potential new client expect during the discovery meeting?

We initially establish how much time you have for us to clearly explain our products and services, answer your questions, and possibly get a tour of your facility.

Secondly, we will dive deep into your needs and understand your challenges and issues.

Thirdly, we will share our goal as your potential new suppler. We want to be a good fit for you. We want to understand your projects, your day-to-day processes, and the steel products and service you need.

How can the right steel supplier make ordering steels easier for you?

We will also dive deeper on how frequently you need steel products, and what your ordering process looks like. Do you want to change anything if it could be easier for you?

Steel Cities Steels will work diligently towards innovative and custom solutions for your challenging projects. With over 70 years of experience, we take pride in our expertise in collaborating with customers to overcome difficult projects by working together to find a solution.

Not every steel distributor is equal, our dedicated team is readily available to serve and troubleshoot your needs, make on-site visits, and collaborate with you.

The supply chain and labor shortage have a negative effect on projects.

We know that with today’s marketplace, there can be struggles when it comes to supply chain issues and labor shortages. Our industry is not unaffected by these problems.

Therefore, we want to understand what you expect from your steel service provider, and how your current provider is achieving or stumbling when it comes to your expectations.

The entire team at Steel Cities Steels works together, daily, to reduce the painful effects from chain supply issues and labor shortages. We have outlasted many providers due to our approach towards customer service. We keep our promises and commitments to keep your projects moving forward as expected.

What are the next steps after the discovery meeting?

Jointly we will determine if we are a good fit for each other and what the next steps should be. Many times, there are other members of your team that we should meet with, such as the purchasing agent, engineer, maintenance manager, and producer.

We can provide quotes on steel products that you typically use with your projects, as well as get you started on the credit application process. There are several ways to guide you after our initial discovery meeting.

What to expect after the discovery meeting?

The sales representative with Steel Cities will thoroughly understand your projects, ordering process, pain points, and challenges. They will also meet with the people on your team to answer questions and listen to concerns and tour your facility. Together we will determine the next step in the discovery process. Which could be requesting a quote, completing a credit application, or scheduling a follow-up visit.

Contact Steel Cities Steels for your steel products and services.

The dedicated team at Steel Cities is led by Mike Anderson, VP of Sales. To better serve you there is a dedicated sales representative with additional areas of expertise.

Please contact:

Mike Anderson, VP of Sales (manderson@scsmetals.com)

Lori Harvey, Construction (lharvey@scsmetals.com)

Ally Bachmann, Maintenance and Government (abachmann@scsmetals.com)

Dylan Schwader, Repair (dschwader@scsmetals.com)

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