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How can Steel Cities help solve your supply chain issue?

In response to this issue, Steel Cities has tailored ourselves to specialize in weaknesses in the supply chain. We often receive the entire list of parts for a product; however, we'll only focus on the parts where there are issues.

Currently, our customers express having difficulties with:

  • Lead Time
  • Availability
  • Quality Issues
  • Service problems with a supplier!
  • Short-staffed
  • Limited in-house capabilities

Steel Cities commitment to service

Often, we recognize that many customers have an established relationship with their current supplier. But our commitment to service results in a mutual customer who is pleased with the reassurance that we can provide them with the needed parts. We are often the supplier many seek when in a bind.

Contact Us

The sales team at Steel Cities is ready to assist you! If you're experiencing issues with certain parts, get in touch. We will gladly talk with you more about how we can assist you.

Mike Anderson, VP of Sales


Telephone: 219-916-3935

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