Plasma and Oxy-fuel Cutting Services by Steel Cities Steels

Steel Cities might be able to help you with solutions to some of your problems!

We can help you by quickly delivering materials if you need a partial order or a quick and easy will-call service. We can also provide a sample product before a customer places a whole order to make sure it meets the quality standards. Steel Cities’ pays attention to detail to meet specific tolerances, packaging requirements, part numbers on delivery tickets and dates, deburring, and double-checking dimensions.

Types of parts Steel Cities can make

We can make a lot of parts in different shapes. We do rectangles, squares, OD/ID, circles, sketches and parts with holes or slots, etc. We can produce parts such as brackets, stiffeners, screeners, road plates, and shims. We can do any size quantity order from a couple of pieces to thousands of pieces to keep your project moving.

When you need a part you cannot handle in-house, we can most likely provide it. For example, several customers can cut plate to size up to ¾” thick. We complement and step-in only when a larger thickness is needed, such as 1, 1-1/4 or 1 ½” thick plates. Typical grades are A36 (general purpose structural carbon steel plate), AR400 (abrasion resistant plate), A572-50 (low alloy plate with good strength and weldability), or T1 (high strength alloy plate). The thickness we can do on the plasma machine is up to around 1-1/2” and our oxy-fuel table can handle up to 6”.

Contact Us

Call us if you’re running into any challenges and would like to talk to us a further about plasma/oxy-fuel cut parts. We would be glad to visit you onsite and learn more about your projects!

Mike Anderson, VP of Sales


Telephone: 219-916-3935

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