Steel Cities Steels for Your Contractor Jobs

Some common concerns she hears in the field are that deliveries are arriving late and the service they receive from suppliers could be better.

Labor shortages also make it challenging to get everything done, and supply chain issues are causing delays in projects. Another thing contractors are looking for is a sales representative to come out to job sites in order to better understand their needs. One of her favorite things is going out and seeing jobs. She’s often been called upon to measure material onsite and also assist in making sure what you order is accurate and precisely what you need.

Steel Cities provides quick delivery, personalized service, and dedicated sales representatives, which have helped many customers. Steel Cities Steels has 71 years of experience leading the industry with top-of-the-line service!

Contact Lori Harvey for your contractor projects and jobs.

Lori is ready to help and find solutions to whatever your struggles are. Reach out and talk to Lori Harvey about what may be concerning you.

Lori Harvey, Outside Sales Representative


Tel. 219-250-0145

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