Breaking Down Barriers in Service with No Minimum Charges

Steel Cities is different from other steel suppliers.

  1. Variety of Products & Services: From large constructions to minor repairs, no two projects are alike. Each job varies in size and scope, demanding a tailored approach to meet specific needs. We pride ourselves on offering custom solutions for your projects!

  2. Filling in the Gaps: Projects can run into problems. Sometimes, pieces go missing, or modifications are made on the fly, requiring additional steel at short notice. We understand the importance of flexibility and quick turnaround times when it matters most.

  3. Small Size, Big Impact: While larger orders are typically for regular stock, it's the smaller, less common sizes that often cause headaches. These niche products may not be readily available on shelves, leaving clients scrambling to fulfill their order requirements. But we can frequently find hard-to-source items for you.

  4. Emergency Solutions: When problems arise and equipment fails, every minute counts. Urgent orders for small cut pieces can become a necessity, and we're here to provide rapid responses to these situations.

  5. Not All Suppliers are Equal: Each supplier has its strengths and limitations. While some excel in bulk orders, others struggle with smaller quantities or lack the flexibility to accommodate diverse delivery options. We can ship across the country or provide local deliveries. Our goal is to get you what you need to keep your project moving forward.

  6. Breaking the Weight Barrier: Many clients find themselves frustrated by minimum weight requirements imposed by suppliers. We believe in a different approach – one that prioritizes customer satisfaction over a minimum threshold. Talk with our sales representatives to schedule an onsite visit.

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At Steel Cities Steels, we've made it our mission to understand our clients' unique challenges and provide tailored solutions that add genuine value. Our commitment to exceptional service means we're always ready to go the extra mile, whether it's stopping by for a site visit or delivering small orders with a personal touch. With no minimum charges, we can help you overcome supply issues and frustrations! Give us a call today!

Mike Anderson, VP of Sales, Email:, Phone: 219-916-3935

Ally Bachmann, Outside Sales - Maintenance Market, Email:, Phone: 219-916-3932

Dylan Schwader, Outside Sales - Equipment Repair Market, Email:, Phone: 219-250-0570

Lori Harvey, Outside Sales - Contractor Market, Email:, Phone: 219-250-0145

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